“Treat your password like your toothbrush. Don't let anybody else use it, and get a new one every six months.”

-Clifford Stoll




While it took the radio 38 years, and the television a short 13 years, it took the World Wide Web only 4 years to reach 50 million users!






Kingwin KW-02 Wired Optical Mouse


G Tech is dedicated to exceeding our client's expectations in every way, not only in terms of service and quality, but price as well. You deserve to know exactly what to expect when choosing our company for your PC needs.


Please review the diagram below to determine pricing for your specific needs. If you don't see a service listed, feel free to give us a call! Remember, we will meet or beat the competitor's prices - guaranteed!








Standard PC Repair

Our standard service fee. This includes troubleshooting, labor, etc. The lowest rates ANYWHERE, guaranteed!
(One hour minimum, billed in 15 minute increments thereafter)

$35 per hour*
$25 per hour*

PC Diagnosis

Is your computer acting up or just plain won't work anymore? Not sure what to do next or where to look? Let us take a look at your machine and give you a full diagnosis of the problem!
(This fee is waived if you decide to use our PC Repair service)



PC Tune Up

Computer slowing down? Let G Tech run a comprehensive virus and spyware scan, registry cleaner, scan disk and disk defragment to bring your system back up to optimal speed.


Standard PC Setup

New computer? Don't know where to start? We can set up your new system and give you lessons on basic PC operation and care.



Standard Network Setup*

A network is a system of two or more computer systems linked together in order to share resources. Whether your network is wired or wireless, we can get you connected in no time!

$40 per machine

PC Cleaning

Excessive dust and debris can prevent a system from properly cooling its internals, which could lead to overheating and hardware damage and/or failure. We can safely and thoroughly clean your system and eliminate this basic, but dangerous risk.


Virus & Spyware Removal

Viruses or pop-ups bombarding your system? We can remove all of the infected material while keeping most or all of your important data intact!**


$25 per hour*

Password Recovery

In most cases, we are able to recover your lost user login password for Windows XP and Windows Vista.



Peripheral Setup

New printer? Digital camera? External card reader? We can have your new purchase set up and connected for you in no time! We will also guide you on how to use your new addition safely and effectively.



Hardware Installation & Setup

Video cards, sound cards, motherboards, processors- you name it. We can safely and properly install and setup any computer internals for you!



Complete Operating System Installation

Skeptical about installing that new operating system on your machine? Let G Tech take on the task of performing a safe and proper installation. We will also install vital updates if necessary and configure your hardware and software.



Custom System Fabrication

Let G Tech build you a machine tailored specifically for your needs. We use only the highest quality and reliable parts! Remember, every G Tech system comes with free delivery and setup!

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